At Seamless Curbing; our Decorative Landscape Curbing is built to last!

The process of producing our actual curbing begins with the proper mixture of materials.  The first step starts with a sand / cement mixture which has been time tested and used by the Landscape Curbing industry for years.

Color can be added to our concrete mixture.  We use integral coloring which adds color all the way through the curbing, not just to the surface.  This results in a curb that won’t lose its color from the surface or have the color scratch or chip off.

Fibermesh is then added to every mix which disperses into thousands of tiny synthetic fibers throughout the entire mixture.  These fibers help to greatly reduce or eliminate any cracking which may occur during the initial drying stages, as well as increasing the tensile strength of the curb overall.

A special admixture is added to the mix which further helps to reduce any cracking that may occur through the curing process.  This admixture also helps to improve the vibrancy of the color of the curbing, eliminate efflorescence, and to reduce the permeability of the concrete.  All these add up to a great looking curb that is durable, and more resistant to damage from freeze-thaw cycles.

As the curb is being extruded in the desired location, 1/8” Galvanized Steel Cable is run through the curb.  This cable dramatically increases the tensile strength of the curb.  The cable will prevent movement of the curb due to the freeze-thaw cycles of our climate.

Our curbs are finished if needed using a Surface Finishing Aid which helps heal any surface cracking or voids, allows for deeper more realistic stamp impressions, and helps to further improve the coloring of the curbing.

Finally, the new curb is sealed with a  Solvent based concrete sealer which will protect the concrete and provide the highest color quality.  The sealing process is accomplished upon completion of your job after the concrete has had a chance to cure. This results in more vibrant colors, has fewer complications, and the concrete sealer provides greater durability.